Madellaine is the deuteragonist of the 2002 film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.

In the end of the sequel, she becomes Quasimodo's girlfriend and potential wife.


Madellaine was an orphan living on the streets for the majority of her childhood. At the age of six she was caught attempting to steal from Sarousch, who kept her as part of the circus instead of turning her in. At an indiscriminate time she became Sarousch's assistant in his magical acts. She disliked that the circus stole in order to make higher profit but said nothing because she felt indebted to Sarousch.

At the age of 26 Madellaine traveled to Paris, France with Cirque de Sarousch. She began practicing tight-rope walking, hoping to contribute more to the circus. Sarousch declined Madellaine's idea, instead telling her to continue being his assistant because it was the only job "A girl like [her]" was capable of doing.

Sarousch, using his kindness to Madellaine when she was six as leverage, convinced her to seduce "the Bellringer" and have him show her the bell La Fidele. She proceeds to fall in love with Quasimodo and second-guess her mission. Madellaine is forced to continue aiding Sarousch when he threatens to harm Quasimodo.

Sarousch lies to Pheobus and says that Madellaine is responsible for the sudden rash of robberies. She is captured, losing Quasimodo's trust and becoming a prisoner. She proceeds to aid Pheobus, Esmerelda, and Quasimodo in rescuing Zaphyr and La Fidele.

Madellaine and Quasimodo pronounce their love for one another at the Festival of Love.


Madellaine is liked mostly by fans.


  • She was created for the sequel as the writers felt bad that Quasi didn't get the girl in the first film.
  • Madellaine, along with Quasimodo, Djali and Frollo, are the only characters known to interact with the Notre Dame Gargoyles.
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