The Old Prisoner, also known as the Old Heretic, is a minor character in the original film.

In the Original Film Edit

The Old Prisoner appears to be a heretic who is imprisoned in a cage. During the Festival of the Fools, he is freed after Esmeralda uses his cage to roll down the streets of Paris. However, he is later freed from his cage before the old prisoner is put in the stocks, where he shouts "dang it"

A few days later, the Old prisoner happily dances as he escaped the stocks, only to fall in the sewers a few moments later. His further fate is unknown.

Personality Edit

Whenever he is imprisoned, the old prisoner is depressed and angered that he is back where he came from. However, when he is free, the Old Prisoner is happily and gleeful.

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag in the film is that whenever he is free of some form imprisonment, he shouts "I'm free" before something misfortunate happens, leading him to say "dang it".

    Esmeralda, his brief liberator