Phoebus is the tritagonist of the 1996 animated film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is the husband of Esmeralda, a close friend of Quasimodo and the father of Zephyr.

Background Edit

Before the series, Phoebus was summoned to an unnamed war and fought for twenty years. However, after being recruited by Judge Claude Frollo, Phoebus returned and was promoted to the new Captain of the Guard after the last one disappointed the old judge.

Personality Edit

"You're not like the other soldiers."
―Esmeralda to Phoebus[src]
He is also one of those individuals who define people for who they are rather than how they look. For example, when he first saw Esmeralda, he thought she was attractive, but what made her attractive to Phoebus was her couragous efforts against Claude Frollo. This prompted him to find out her name in the cathedral. Also, he saw Claude Frollo's true colors, and realized he was a man who cared nothing but himself and not of the life of others. Another time, he actually said Quasimodo was a good friend for helping Esmeralda and wasn't bothered by his appearance.

Phoebus is very protective of his friends and his family. After learning that Zephyr went after the criminals himself, Phoebus was determined to get them back. It is known for a fact Phoebus dislikes it when his family and Quasi are mad at him. In the sequel, he made his family furious: Quasimodo because of his affections for Madellaine, Esmeralda because she believes he carries a prejudice for her people and Zephyr for not letting him admire the circus.

Physical appearanceEdit

Phoebus is a thirty-one-year-old man who is roguishly handsome. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Normally, he has a small beard. Esmeralda, earlier in the film jokes that he missed a spot in his chin. He usually wears golden armor while having blue clothes underneath.

He later wore just a white shirt after being wounded in the shoulder by an arrow.

Relationships Edit

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Family Edit

  • Esmeralda - Wife and Love Interest
  • Zephyr - Son

Friends Edit

  • Quasimodo - Friend; Brother figure
  • Madellaine - Enemy turned Ally and Friend
  • Claude Frollo's guards - Teammates and Subordinates; former Enemies
  • Archdeacon
  • Clopin - Enemy turned Ally
  • Djali - Goat Friend
  • Achilles (horse)

Enemies Edit

  • Claude Frollo
  • Claude Frollo's Guards
    • Brutish and Oafish Guards

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