Quasimodo's mother is a minor character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Early Life

Not much is known of the woman's early life. She was a Gypsy who married an unnamed man. She later gave birth to a son who was deformed at birth. A quartet of gypsies snuck into Paris, France illegally. However, the woman and her companions were discovered by Judge Claude Frollo, who ordered their arrest. However, the young woman later fled the scene with Frollo in pursuit of her.

The young woman was later killed on the steps of Notre Dame by Claude Frollo,


Her son was later raised by the very same man who killed her. Frollo named the baby Quasimodo, literally meaning "half-formed" and told his adoptive son that his biological mother abandoned him. However, twenty years[1] after her death, Frollo tells Quasimodo the truth that he killed the boy's mother before attempting to do the same to Quasi and Esmeralda.


Quasimodo's mother was caring and protective of her son. She was one of the few people who was not bothered by her son's appearance. In fact, she died protecting Quasimodo and only avoided incarceration to save them.



  1. The film establishes that Qusaimodo was twenty years old.
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